Press Release – In Search of the Great American Writers

Cambridge, Mass., June 2011: Where would America be without the great writers who helped shape our national consciousness with their stories and legends?  “In Search of the Great American Writers,” written by educator and author Marian R. Carlson, is a workbook that encourages students at a 4th grade level and above to be inspired by seven of America’s most influential writers: Phillis Wheatley, Washington Irving, Henry W. Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, and Nellie Bly.

The workbook links together great writers’ original works, historical trivia, and engaging activities to help students develop a deeper appreciation of great writing and hone their own writing skills. Trailblazing 19th c. journalist Bly “narrates” the students’ journey through the material on each author.

A proven-popular project taught by Carlson in classrooms for 15 years, this workbook is the first in her series about Great Writers worldwide and has been created for classroom or in-home use. Student-tested and results-oriented, the Great Writers program has brought rave reviews from participating students, parents, and teachers. Harvard University recognized the program with an honorary celebration at the Graduate School of Education.

There’s no one who counts more in society than a good teacher. And you are one of those. My guess is your students will remember the project and their part in it the rest of their lives…What a good time they must have with you as their teacher! – David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, in a letter to Marian Carlson

This creative program is designed to help middle grade students become confident, skillful authors who have an appreciation of the great writers of the world. - Teacher, Fiske School, Lexington, Mass.